Precise Engineers

Special Achievements

While serving for the wide range of projects in different fields, we have earned SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS, through providing the tailor made solutions to them in terms of  size, shape, pressure, temperature, quantity, material of construction etc. as listed herebelow:

1) Max Circular size (capacity) :5000 mm
    a) Maximum Size supplied to Cement Plant: 3900 mm ID
    b) Maximum Size supplied to Steel Plant: 2620 mm ID
    c) Maximum Size supplied for Hot Blast Furnace: 1900 mm ID

2) Max Rectangular  size(capacity): 9000 mm x 5000 mm
    a) Critical Shape supplied with repeat order: 1400 mm  x 2400mm

3) Maximum design temperature handled : 900ºC

4) Maximum Design pressure for Export order (four repeat order) for Chevron thru UK manufacture (2012) : 3700 PSI

5) Maximum repeat order from same client : 100 times

6) Maximum quantity supplied to single client : 600 Nos.

7) First time in India Supplied  2200 mm ID- 3 nos. Bellows  to EIL,  for MRPL  incinerator with RESCO refractory application, under TUV inspection

8) Redesigned and Supplied 5 nos. 1250 mm  ID bellows, 1200 deg. C design  temp. for Hot Blast  Furnace, Original  Inconel 625 changed to SS 321 with refractory lining, earned 11 years performance certificate.

9) Redesigned and Supplied 1no.  2692 mm ID bellow for FCCU Bellows with RESCO refractory for Essar Oil Limited



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